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Tavern d'n Ouwe Brandtoren

In 1933, a "forester's house" was built in the woods between Reusel and Postel. At that time, this house was occupied by a foreman of the municipality who was involved in the afforestation of the surrounding heathland. Next to that dwelling was a fire tower from which the tavern takes its name. In 1999, that dwelling was turned into a Tavern. In and around that tavern you can still read and taste the stories that took place there over the years. Come experience for yourself what it was like and enjoy all the goodies on the menu.


You are welcome in our tavern or on our terrace for a delicious cup of coffee, tea or other delicious drink. Prefer a beer? With 6 fixed beers on tap, a changing tap and more than 50 special beers in bottle, we offer a wide and versatile range of beers. These naturally go well with the dishes on our menu.

Take a look at our Tavern....

Are you curious about what it looks like inside the Tavern? You can take a 360-degree tour of our facility.


Did you know that you are also very welcome with us for a party, wedding, team building, meeting, friends day etc. We offer various tailor-made arrangements with or without activities and a choice of various (lunch) buffets, beer tastings, BBQs or tailor-made packages. As a group you can always join us in one of our two indoor spaces or on our forest terrace.

For several years now there have been living in the back of our forest Keimennekes.
If you want to see with your own eyes how they live and what they do, come and have a look in our special Keimennekesbos.